Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How To Get Rid Of ACNE And ACNE SCARS!

How to get rid of acne??


1.     Don’t Touch Your FACE You CARRY APPROX 50,000 bacteria per square inch. This is not good for your face that’s why people break out.
2.     Do not sleep with greasy hair or have greasy hair like when you sleep on the pillow it collects grease molecules and goes on to your face making it to break out and get more spots with your acne.
3.     Never share your face towel with anyone bacteria and germs spread.
4.     Don’t exfoliate every day because you can be damaging your skin.
5.     Oily foods is a big NO
6.     Don’t pay loads of money of microdermbrasion chemical peels galvanic facials what so ever it doesn’t help they come back 10 times worse.



1.     Only exfoliate maximum twice a week exfoliating get rid of the skin of dead cells, but it can also take the top layer of the epidermis off.
2.     Wash your hair when greasy.
3.     Wash your hands then touch your face.
4.     Use a cleanser and toner.
5.     Go to Doctors to get a gel called DUAC Works wonders
6.     Be confident and don’t let people put your down on your acne have positive attitude towards it.


I have been for a chemical peel and every other facial brought so many products but nothing has worked like this gel called DUAC. If you explain to your doctor that you don’t want the antibiotics they give and ask for this DUAC gel it will get rid of the scarring on your face and will get rid of the spots you will be looking completely flawless.

No worries no stress also bare in mind it’s what you eat too that triggers acne so keep a balanced healthy diet and keep fit, flush the toxins out of your body with water.
Use this duac everyday i used it on a night doctors will tell you how to direct it too and im telling you nothing works other than this.
Do not waste your money on products that wouldnt work DOCTORS Its FOR FREE And this is part of my makeup regime love it to bits this.

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