Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Introduction :)

Hi everyone welcome to my blog. I am new to this and just thought I'd share my thoughts with the world. I am currently studying in College. I absolutely enjoy it, I'm here to tell you about my life time experiences. I am a beauty fanatic love my makeup, hair and nails. As I go along I'm going to tell you about my incident that happened in the hairdressers which left me fighting through being ill. Allergic reaction no skin test was taken for me. Also I am an acne sufferer I had it but got rid of it I am going to tell you my routines and how my Doctors helped me through it all. My health is bad at the moment I'm overweight but I'm on a dieting scheme I created my self if anyone needs advice let me know I lost 1 stone and a half within 2 months with no gym. Just WATER and Super foods.

That's it about my self I bet your bored reading my blog intro now. Save your eyes from reading now I will post my next blog tomorrow about how I could have died with the hair dye the hairdresser applied on me.


Missy Kay x

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