Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hairdressers Nightmare Don't Get Your Hair Dyed From hairdressers unless they do a skin patch test. 'Hair colour'

Hairdressers Nightmare Don't Get Your Hair Dyed From hairdressers unless they do a skin patch test.

Went all over my skin


In Hospital!

Couldnt see out of this eye at all SWOLLEN SHUT!

The awful mucky colour :L

Hi guys, I will tell you my experience that took place in beginning of January I loved the ombre hair colour effect. I went to a local hairdressers for a hair consultation it was great she made me feel welcomed. But the day I went for it doing the hairdresser was more snappy, moody and mixed the bleach completely wrong. They only reason it was wrong because my skin reacted from her products the way she applied it.

It got everywhere my skin, my face and my clothes were ruined. Wasn't very professional like. The day following when I had the ombre done. My eyes were SORE as hell chest and back of neck full of a rash had an itchy scalp. Feeling like I couldn't breathe my asthma getting worse. Went to the doctors about it got told if I dye my hair again I could die due to it all.

I have never touched my hair since doctors gave me some anti-histamine tablets took me a full month to recover. Baring in mind I've never had an allergic reaction this was so out of the blue. Also like to point out I've been dyeing my hair since now randomly I have an allergy.
I now have a hair colour allergy!

That's it from me guys hope you keep safe overall my hair is a wreck now. Keep your eyes peeled for my make-up photos, hair + nails. I am not a professional its a hobby I love doing. Also look out for how to zap away acne and weight loss tips :)

Thanks for reading
Missy Kay x


  1. Thats great to know your experience it has warned me when i dye my hair at home to do a skin patch test well hope your okay and wish you the best x

    1. Aww, thanks. Its better to be safe rather than going through a life threatening dilemma. Just because of some hair dye. Yeah thank you don't forget do your skin patch tests before applying hair dye <3

  2. Id love to know more about your acne treatments you did and about your weight loss looking forward to seeing more posts <3

    1. I will do them posts soon will be looking more into doing reviews. Also i am so far creating my acne post :) <3