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I’ve really found it tough with my acne scar coverage foundations. Tried tinted moisturizes number 7 makeup kind of tried all the bare minerals. Nothing has had great coverage like this Sally Hansen AIRBRUSH SPRAY MAKEUP! Believe me I will put before and after pictures my face was really flawless. To blend I used the sigma flat top kabuki brush F80.
Flawless Skin
May seem a little light but blending it will fit to your skin

It has a great high coverage I was really happy with the result getting compliments from family members and friends asking what I wear now. There’s no awful scent from this product it smells nice the foundation doesn’t get oily or creased. Also I do have the luminess air airbrush kit which made it out to be on the beauty channel that it would give you flawless skin if you had acne or dark eye bags. Whereas it really didn’t my pores and my spots were still visible, before you spend a lump sum of money on something try it read reviews.

The color I purchased was a medium, it was an amazing match with tanned olivey colored skin. I used the beauty blender damped because my skin did feel caked, tight and tensed but it didn’t look cakey or tensed at all. It just felt like cemented face but after using a damp beauty blender it felt soft and smooth.

I haven’t seen any streaks appear or any pores appearing on my skin nothing is visible my spots have had a great coverage. Amazing buy and definitely would purchase again I am happy with it.


How to apply

1-      Moisturize your face

2-      Prime your face

3-      Spray a bit on the back of your hand

4-      Get a flat top foundation brush

5-      Take small amounts and apply directly to the face

6-      Use a damp makeup sponge or a beauty blender so your face doesn’t feel tight or cakey

7-      Optional apply finishing powder and blusher or bronzer

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