Friday, 12 July 2013

Acne sufferer

Hi beautiful viewers,

I have needed to do a skin update but only had the time and chance to do one. Anyone knows how it feels when your skin breaks out or being an acne sufferer my self! I know how difficult it is, feels as if the worlds turning in on you. 

Like i have said previously i have spent soo much on facials, chemical peels, expensive high end and also high street products! 

Came to a point where i was fed up of it and was told to check what doctors can do about my acne. Well now my acne is very very mild and isn't too bad its like odd few break outs. 

I guarantee you that duac gel will work on any skin type! 
Do not try the antibiotic capsules or anything i was feeling absolutely terrible with them i had to take letrysal or something like that. Was feeling drowsy and i didn't see any difference on my skin! Which was basically annoying went through the horrible side affects of tablets from doctors.  I recommend duac gel!!

Try it for yourself to see the results!! 
Spots and blemishes will disappear!!!  
I have one travel sized one and three big tubes I'm stocking up on these! They are the best

I haven't been paid to do this review update its just my own experience i am sharing so you can try it out too. 

One Love 


  1. Hey..
    does this really work ??
    I am from India,
    where can I get these??


    1. I sell them also, you can email me on

      I also sell makeup and all sorts too :)