Friday, 5 April 2013


MUA makeup is totally amazing cheap and really affordable for anyone you can purchase it from superdrug.

This MUA undressed eye palette varies with shimmer, mattes and nude colours for an everyday look, party, prom or an elegant neutral engagement LOOK. I cannot compare this palette with any of the urban decay palettes this is because i do not own an urban decay palette. I picked this product up for £3 the colours i was most attracted to was ‘firey’ ‘devotion’and ‘tranquil’.

The pigmentation in the eye shadows

Some of the colours in this palette didn’t have a really good pigment in mainly the colour ‘Naked’ ‘Shy’ and ‘Lavish’. I had to swirl my eye shadow brush in them colour a couple of times but the swatch test it came out very evenly and nicely. The other colours which had more shimmer to them had a lot more pigment in you can tell this as you pick it up for a swatch test it doesn’t feel chalky, where as the colour ‘Naked’ ‘Shy’ and ‘Lavish’ seemed a little chalky. The matte colours are not pigmented at all.

Left To Right
Naked, Devotion, Shy & Fiery

Lavish, Dreamy, Tranquil & Exposed
Reveal, Wink, Obsessed & Corrupt

My thoughts
The palettes has a great selection of colours to make a natural glowing eye look also a smokey eye look can be created from this product. These eye shadows should be worn with an eyeshade primer this is because it will not come off and wouldn’t fade without the eye shadow primer your eye shadow will start collapsing and slide off through the day this wouldn’t look good.
I probably would repurchase this product it has done me very well I am happy with a bargain purchase at £3 it is really cheap affordable. I am a huge fan of the MUA products I will be reviewing their MUA Primer, MUA Pressed Powder and 2 of my FAVOURITE MUA Lipsticks.

1 MUA review down 3 more to go :) <3
Have you ever tried any of the MUA products what are your thoughts about the products?

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